The PAC Program
Multimodel Treatment Program


Groups cover a range of topics related to chemical dependency and behavioral change including:

  • Introduction to the stages of change and identifying the client's own stage.
  • Identifying triggers to substance abuse and learning stimulus control.
  • Managing Stress and counter-conditioning to identified stressors.
  • Recognizing and rewarding personal successes and management through reinforcement.
  • Effective communication.
  • Effective refusal of substances and unhealthy behaviors or invitations to engage in unhealthy behavior.
  • Managing Criticism.
  • Managing thoughts, Cravings and Urges.
  • Identifying and developing new ways to enjoy life.
  • Developing an action plan for change and maintenance.
  • Recommitting after a slip or relapse.
  • Social Support and developing helping relationships.
  • Identifying needs and resources for sobriety and healthy lifestyles.
  • Review and Termination focusing on self-efficacy and maintenance of behavioral changes and healthy behaviors.


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