The PAC Program
Multimodel Treatment Program


Joint Substance Abuse 
& Anger Management Track

  • The joint program treats the individual anger issues in the context of substance  abuse.
  •  A 12 week structured group therapy process is added to the substance abuse protocol.
  • The Anger Management groups focus on developing strategies for appropriate expressing anger, exploring beliefs that contribute to inappropriate expression of anger, negative thinking, and how to control anger.

The 12 Sessions - Topics

  • Anger
  • Expression and Role of Anger
  • Alcohol/Drugs and Anger
  • Exploring and acknowledging how client's anger has been hurtful to others
  • Thoughts - Emotions - Behaviors
  • Stress Reduction
  • Negative Thinking
  • Degress of Anger Feelings
  • Letting Go of Anger
  • Group Closure - Review
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