The PAC Program
Multimodel Treatment Program



Smoking Cessation
  • A non-medical intervention designed to change attitudes about smoking ans promote reduction in smoking among currently attending clients.
  • The treatment will consist of 8 educational group sessions of 15- 20 minutes each.
  • The intervention will be incorporated into the existing substance abuse treatment groups during the last 20 minutes of the groups.

Ongoing Process Improvement

  • Clients will be given an initial assessment of their readiness to quit.
  • The questionnaire will be re-administrated at the end of the th session to measure attitude change and any actual reductions in smoking

Topics Covered Will Include:

  • Introduction to the Readiness to Quit questionnaire
  • Health benefits from quitting
  • The money spent on a smoking habit
  • The six reasons people smoke
  • Abstinence and high-risk situations
  • Physical problems and weight gain
  • Nicotine replacement
  • Readiness to Quit
  • Summary and repeat questionnaire


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