The PAC Program
Multimodel Treatment Program


This program is designed to address the correlation between Alcohol/Drug abuse and criminal conduct.  The PAC Program utilizes a Cognitive Behavioral Model.  This is a three phase process.

    • Challenge to change-introduction and overview.
    • Building trust and rapport
    • Building a desire and motivation to change
    • Building the knowledge base to change
    • Self-disclosure and receiving feedback; pathways to self-awareness and change
    • Preventing relapse and recidivism; identifying high-risk situations
    • How do people change; understanding the process of self improvement and change
    • Commitment to change
    • Developing commitment to change
    • In-depth assessment; looking at the areas of need and change; acting on the commitment to change.
    • Taking ownership
    • Relapse and recidivism prevention; review and strategies for self-control and lifestyles balance
    • Strengthening our ownership of change; developing skills of critical reasoning and settling conflicts
    • Maintaining self-improvement and change developing a healthy lifestyle or manner of living.
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