The PAC Program
Multimodel Treatment Program


  • Nonviolence-Understanding the use of violence as a tactic of control.
  • Non-threatening Behavior-Defining and understanding  non-threatening behavior.
  • Respect-Defining and understanding respect in interpersonal relationships and conflict resolution and how emotional abuse relates to respect and abusive control.
  • Support and Trust - Defining and understanding support and trust and identifying and dealing with obstacles to trust such as jealousy, control and isolation.
  • Honesty and Accountability- Defining honesty, responsibility and accountability and identifying methods used to avoid responsibility such as minimization, denial and blame.
  • Sexual Respect - Understanding the link between sex, violence and coercion and defining and understanding sexual respect.
  • Partnership - Developing shared responsibility, economic partnership and responsible parenting through identifying new behaviors and obstacles to partnership such as "male privilege" thinking and economic control/ abuse.
  • Negotiation and Fairness - defining negotiation and fairness, developing negotiation skills, learning what and when to negotiate, and understanding coercion and threats as a control tactic.


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