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Do you feel your life is slipping past you, finding it difficult to get to work, school and life is losing its meaning?

Maybe you find yourself caught in a constant tug-of-war with your obsession to use alcohol or other drugs and each day more time is spent in the pursuit to use. Do your cravings come more frequently?

Some days staying focused on the task-at-hand is impossible. You can’t wait for the day to end, so you can unplug and escape your reality, and find solace in your drug of choice.

Living life on life’s terms seems rather pointless, dull, and boring. Your job performance or grades in school reflect your lack of care as does your obligation or duty to family, loved ones, colleagues and peers.

Are you missing essential social, occupational or recreational functions because of your alcohol or substance use?

If you can answer yes to some or all of these questions, The PAC Program outpatient addiction treatment in NYC can help. In addition, The PAC Program provides Batterers Education, Anger Management, and Parenting Skills programming

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Finding the freedom from alcohol and other drugs (even prescribed opiates) started when you searched for an outpatient drug treatment program.

Take the next step and make a simple five-minute phone call and get yourself on the path to freedom.

Take back your power and control and learn to live life in recovery.

The PAC Program outpatient treatment in New York City has convenient locations in Brooklyn, The Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island.

Image of the Boro of Manhattan one of 5 Boros in NYC where The PAC Program offers Outpatient Treatment in NYC for drug addiction

OASAS Certified Outpatient Additction Treatment in NYC

We are here to help those who are tired of struggling with addiction. We provide services in a warm and friendly environment that makes you feel comfortable to openly discuss and work on the issues that cause doubt, worry, and anxiety in your life. Our clinical team at The PAC Program is experienced with addiction recovery treatment and has been successful in helping people learn to live sober in long-term recovery. 

The PAC Progam

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The PAC Program of New York City

The road to recovery is met by many barriers. The cost of treatment is a legitimate fear and obstacle to treatment, but with help, this barrier can be avoided. When you choose The PAC Program you don’t have to meet the fear of paying for addiction recovery services alone. At PAC, our billing department will do everything within its power to help you get the outpatient treatment you need.  

 Forms of payment include Medicaid, Private Insurance, and Self-pay with a Sliding-Scale (if applicable).

Some of the major insurance providers we presently accept include:

If you don't see your insurance provider in this list or you need more infromation concerning billing

Reach Out to The PAC Program today:

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To learn more about how you can join The PAC Program’s Outpatient Addiction Treatment or Educational Life Skills training program fill out the form below. Take back your Power and Control today.

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The PAC Program of New York Treatment Network

The PAC Program in Brooklyn

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The PAC Program in Manhattan

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The PAC Program in Queens

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The PAC Program in Staten Island

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