thePAC Program chemical Dependency treatment in NYC

The PAC Program Chemical Dependency Treatment Network in New York City

We are conveniently located in the 5 Boros of NYC so you never have to travel far from your home, work, or school to get the help you want and need to manage your substance abuse disorder.
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Our Story

The PAC Program first opened its 2003. We first served the communities in the Boro of Queens, NYC with educational services

During our first year, we helped 600 families learn to grow, learn, and live together.

The research and data collected during our first year clearly identified patterns of drug abuse and chemical dependency in the population we served.

By 2005, we felt it was our duty to better serve you (our clients and the communities of NYC), so we sought OASAS certification for outpatient substance abuse treatment.

Once we obtained the ability to address issues of substance abuse we continued to address patterns of anger management, domestic violence, and parenting our expansion to the remaining Boros of NYC began.

We now proudly serve all of NYC helping community members to learn how to take back personal power and control the urges of past reckless and unwanted behaviors.

The PAC Program outpatient addiction treatment in NYC and NYC courts work together to get citizens the help they need.
The PAC Program has always worked closely with the criminal and family court systems of NYC. Our aim is to serve you -the client- by offering outpatient substance abuse treatment (if needed) instead of punishment, combined with educational life skills training, so you can assess, address, and change the behavior(s), which create disharmony in your life.

We have outreach workers available during court proceedings ready to speak with you about our services and to guide you through the initial stages of screening and intake into one or several of our outpatient services.

Our care and concern to serve you don’t stop at the courthouse. We are also available to help you successfully navigate and successfully complete outpatient treatment and other educational life skills training suggested for you to complete by NYS Parole, Probation, ACS, NADAP, VNS or HRA. As NYC grows so does our outpatient treatment services.


Our Outpatient Addiction Treatment Network


The PAC Program in NYC is designed to provide the highest quality, individualized, and client-centered addiction treatment. Each month the directors from each team meet together to address new issues and concerns, patterns of abuse, new trends regarding use and abuse, and to assure that each program is aligned with our mission and future goals.

The clinical teams available at each individual program meets weekly to discuss how we can better serve you, address individual cases, and refresh and review clinical practices used when serving you. Our clinical teams are specialized and experienced. We continue to develop and learn new approaches of counseling.

Our desire to serve the communities of NYC is illustrated in the awards we’ve obtained from the city.

In 2011, our domestic violence batterer’s intervention program was awarded to service ALL misdemeanor  defendants in NYC court proceedings.

In 2017, The PAC Program was contracted to place on-site clinical consultants in Child Protective Services (CPS/ACS) agency locations in NYC and Staten Island.

The PAC Program outpatient addiction treatment in NYC and domestic violence BIP programming teams up with ACS to provide services for families.
Our clinical teams work closely with ACS providing guidance and services to families by outlining what services are available to and needed to ensure the safety of children.


The PAC Program treatment network is here to serve you. If you find yourself:


  • Struggling to stop using and flee from the web of addiction you’re caught in
  • Irritated, frustrated, or losing the ability to manage your anger constructively
  • Unable to express yourself clearly in your domestic partnerships
  • Finding yourself becoming more violent in the words you use or abusive actions  when handling delicate situations with loved ones
  • Learning how to develop better parenting skills
  • Or any other unwanted behavior you feel is deterring you from the happiness you deserve

We are waiting to hear from you.

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Our Philosophy and Vision

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The PAC Program Treatment Network, in NYC:


  • To continue to provide and establish a highly-effective treatment program focused on quality care and customer service
  • To continue to be the provider of choice for tri-state area referral sources
  • To always identify under-served needs in the communities of NYC and develop effective treatment programs to meet these needs.
  • Identify under-served areas in the NYC area and research the feasibility of effectively offering affordable treatment services.
  • To continue to develop and expand our current referral network. 
  • To keep the lines of communication open with active referral sources to maintain dynamic relationships.
  • To continue to move forward by developing and creating cognitive based treatment protocols based on data and research collected

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The PAC Program of New York Treatment Network

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The PAC Program in Manhattan

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The PAC Program in Queens

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The PAC Program in Staten Island

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