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Educational Services for Yourself or a Loved One

Brooklyn • the Bronx • Manhattan • Queens • Staten Island

The PAC Program offers specialized educational life skills training. Our educational programs are facilitated in a clean, safe, confidential environment. Whether you are self-referred, court or ACS mandates or fulfilling a probation or parole compliance our aim is to empower you with knowledge, skills, and coping mechanisms to succeed in life.

The PAC Program Educational Services

Available throughout the 5 Boros of New York
Brooklyn • the Bronx • Manhattan • Queens • Staten Island

Convenient • Safe • Friendly

Anger Management • Domestic Violence-BIP • Parenting

A group of hands come together as one after participation in The PAC Program Outpatient addiction treatment non-OASAS educational anger management life skills training groups.

Anger Management Educational Services

Learn coping mechanisms, decision-making skills, and healthy ways to handle frustration and anger. Stop reacting to situations beyond your control with our 12-52 week Anger Management educational training program.
A couple holds hands and learn to work through relationship struggles at The PAC Program Outpatient Addiction Treatment Non OASAS BIP Educational Life Skills Training Groups

Domestic Violence-BIP-Educational Services

Learn how to maintain significant relationships. Develop healthy ways of conflict resolution, communication skills, unlearn patterns of abuse and more. Improve the quality of your relationships with our 24-week BIP-D/V educational training program.
A parent and childs hand display the bond of family through holding hands from training at The PAC Program Outpatient Addiction Treatment Non OASAS Parenting Educational Life Skills Training Groups

Parenting Educational Life

You can have mutual loving interactions with your children. Develop new ways to address discipline, communication, and emotionally reacting to your child’s behavior. Take our 12-week Parenting educational training program.


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Why wait another minute to get into a program to help you safely navigate away from the unwanted behaviors keeping you from achieving your goals, dreams, and desires?

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Why wait another minute to get into a program to help you safely navigate away from the unwanted behaviors keeping you from achieving your goals, dreams, and desires?

Why let alcohol make another crucial decision for you?

Take a quick alcohol consumption and behavior while drinking survey:

Before you make the call to enroll in one of our educational life skills training services  take a few moments and honestly answer these questions:

Have you ever lost your job or old acquaintances because your drinking was more important?

Have you missed any family, social, or professional events because you were drinking?

Do you have any legal consequences or pending charges as a result of your consumption of alcohol?

Do you ever wake in the morning confused and unsure of your behavior while drinking the night before?

How often does your family, friends, or colleagues comment about the amount you are consuming alcoholic beverages?

If you answered “yes” to one or more of these questions please mention it during your call. Our intake specialist’s are trained clinician’s and can answer any questions you might have about our joined services.

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Need more information about: Billing, Insurance, Hours of Operation Location, Referrals, Experience, and more go to our FAQ Page Now. Let us provide you with the information you need to succeed.

Reach Out to The PAC Program today:

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(P): 718-328-2605
(P): 212-837-2013
(P): 718-729-6868
Staten Island:
(P): 718-727-7280

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