The PAC Program in New York Specialized Outpatient Services for Alcohol & Drug Rehabilitation Include:

• Dual Diagnosis (MICA) •

• DUI-Screening, Assessment & Program •

 • Substance Abuse Programming Services plus Anger Management-Domestic Violence-BIP & Parenting •

 • Marijuana Cessation •

• Medically Assisted Treatment-MAT (Suboxone for Heroin & prescription pill addiction) •

• Nicotine Cessation •

Addiction Recovery Services for Yourself or a Loved One

• Brooklyn • the Bronx • Manhattan • Queens • Staten Island •

OASAS Certified

Dual Diagnosis (MICA)

Outpatient Addiction Services

Cooccurring addiction services focus on persons dually diagnosed with Substance Use Disorders and mental health issues.

The mental health groups (MICA) allows the client to discuss feelings of shame, stigma, and guilt resulting from diagnosis.

Stresses the importance of complying with prescribed medications

Understanding the side effects of medications.

Importance of meeting regulary with mental health service providers

Aligns mental health and substance use treatment for opitmal quality of life

Stay informed and educated  about how illcit substance use effects your mental state and interferes with proper functioning of prescribed medications.

Cooccurring Dual diagnosis Mica outpatient treatment at The PAC Program of NYC
DUI Screening and Assessment and DUI outpatient addiction treatment in NYC at The PAC Program of NYC

DUI Screening, Assesment, & Treatment

If you find yourself in need of a court-ordered DUI screening and assessment, The PAC Program Outpatient Treatment Network provides this services. If determined that treatment is required, PAC can also serve as your 3 to 6-month Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) registered DUI outpatient program.

Your treatment will go above and beyond psychoeducational classes providing only the typical information about how alcohol or other drugs impair judgment.

The PAC programs DUI outpatient program will encourage you to look deeper into the causes of addiction. The focus of the program is on education.

Addictive Behaviors

  • Exploring your relationship to illicit drugs and/or alcohol
  • Relapse prevention and continuing care

Personalized substance abuse programming joined with our specialized Anger Management, Domestic Violence/BIP, and Parenting Educational Life Skills Training.

Anger management & Substance abuse addiction at the PAC Program in NYC

Joint Anger Management & Substance Addiction Treatment in NYC

The joint program addresses individual anger issues, frustration, and resentment and how these emotions can trigger substance use and abuse.
Domestic Violence & Substance abuse addiction at the PAC Program in NYC

Joint Domestic Violence & Substance Abuse Addiction Treatment in NYC

The joint program treats perpetrators of aggressive behavior and family violence along with substance use and abuse.

Joint Parenting & Substance Abuse Addiction Treatment in NYC

The joint program combines, Domestic violence, Parenting, and anger management (if needed) with your personalized substance use/abuse outpatient treatment.

Learn how joining The PAC Program's Educational Life Skills Training network can improve and enhance you and your family's quality of life.

Our Educational Life Skills Training programs teach you coping skills, address patterns of behavior and thoughts to help you achieve your goals, dreams, and desires?

• Confidential • Safe • Friendly •

Girl contemplating marijuana smoking Cessation at the PAC program outpatient addiction treatment network

Marijuana Cessation/K2

Outpatient Treatment

As decriminalization of marijuana draws closer the need for outpatient treatment services for marijuana use and abuse will rise.

At PAC the Cannabis/K2 specific therapy is designed to be used for adolescents and adults who abuse marijuana or K2 (spice).

The Program is designed to help you relate with other peers, engage in treatment, and understand your obsession to smoke marijuana or K2.

Treatement includes group therapy, peer relations, individual sessions concerning marijuana use and abuse, and psychatric treatment when needed.

Medicated Assisted Treatment MAT

The opiate epidemic claims more lives and the growing need for treatment is needed. You know the barrier between your freedom from abusing opiates is the withdrawal. The fear of drug-sickness is real.

At PAC you can begin down the road to recovery without that fear. You can work closely with our psychologist and medicated assisted treatment (MAT) team to help relieve the withdrawal process.

PAC can safely prescribe and monitor your treatment and care with Suboxone

MAT reduces the harm of withdrawal and allows you to treat the reasons why you obsessively use opiates, alcohol, and other prescription medication.

Find out more about our medicated assisted treatment today.

Boy sits devastated and serisouly contemplating medicated assisted treatment at the PAC program outpatient drug program
Girl contemplating Smoking Cessation at the PAC program outpatient addiction treatment network

Nicotine Cessation

The PAC Program drug program uses a non-medical intervention to assist you in changing your attitudes toward smoking cigarettes.

Topics Covered Include:

  • Introduction and Readiness to Quit Questionnaire
  • Health benefits from quitting
  • The Money spent on cigarette smoking
  • The six reasons people smoke
  • Abstinence and high -risk situations
  • Physical problems and weight gain 
  • Nicotine replacement


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