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If New York City has mandatted a Shelter in Place, please call, 646-582-0420.
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The PAC Program


As of 04/15/2020, The PAC Program of Manhattan will provide all services at
15 W. 39th St, 11th Floor,
New York, NY 10018


If you or a loved one are struggling with an addiction,

The PAC Program is here to assist you in finding your path to recovery.

All you need is a few hours a week to maintain and create the connections you need to learn to change behaviors, dispute irrational negative self-talk, and establish connections with a sober support network.

The PAC Program of Brooklyn

(718) 388-5950

The PAC Program of the Bronx

(718) 328-2605

The PAC Program of Manhattan

(212) 837-2013

The PAC Program of Queens

(718) 729-8686

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Need more information about: Billing, Insurance, Hours of Operation Location, Referrals, Experience, and more go to our FAQ Page Now. Let us provide you with the information you need to succeed.

Reach Out to The PAC Program today:

Brooklyn: 7 Debevoise Street, 2nd Floor (P) 718-388-5950 

The Bronx: 1215-1217 Stratford Avenue (P) 718-328-2605 

Manhattan: 6 E. 39th St, Suite 400 (P) 212-837-2013 

Queens: 40-11 Warren Street (P) 718-729-6868 

Staten Island: (P) 718-727-7280 


To learn more about how you can join The PAC Program’s Outpatient Addiction Treatment or Educational Life Skills training program fill out the form below. Take back your Power and Control today.

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