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The PAC Program Outpatient Drug Program

Are you tired of struggling with your addiction to alcohol or other drugs?

Frustrated? Fed-up? Or just sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Maybe the oxy’s are too hard to get and joining the ranks of a full-blown heroin addict has you scared to death?

Whatever your reason for picking up the phone and calling The PAC Program doesn’t matter, you are one step closer to finding the freedom and happiness you deserve in life.

We will provide you with confidential services in a respectful and warm environment. Our clinicians are friendly. We have experience assisting others diagnosed with substance use disorders in finding personal pathways into a new life in recovery.

Don’t let your negative self-talk keep you from your dreams and goals, you can reclaim Power and Control of your life with the guidance of our outpatient drug program.

It starts with taking that first step-go ahead, give us a call and let us help you plan the personalized plan you need into the wonders waiting for you in your new life in recovery.

Outpatient Drug Program Overview



Your treatment at The PAC Program of NYC Includes: 

Intensive (15+ Hours) to non-intensive outpatient drug treatment.

Outpatient drug program and treatment services in English and Spanish.

Individual therapy focuses on:

  • Establishing treatment goals
  • Issues not comfortable sharing in group therapy
  • Case management monitoring of treatment progress
  • Assistance managing the treatment process effectively

Group Therapy Includes:

  •  Learning to trust peers as a support network
  • Safe processing of your feelings
  • Understanding of irrational behaviors and thoughts
  • Development of coping skills to dispute irrational thoughts, feelings, and behavior successfully
  • Why building a sober support system is necessary for your new life in recovery.
  • Skills and creation of relapse prevention to navigate your new future in recovery
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Stages of Change outpatient Drug Program modality at The PAC Program drug rehab in NYC 2

Stages of Change

PAC uses the Stages of Change model which allows you to participate and our clinicians to address you where you are at in terms of recovery.

During treatment, you’ll learn to identify and determine your personal stage of change.

The Stages of Change:

  • Precontemplation
  • Contemplation
  • Preparation
  • Action
  • Maintenance


Group therapy outpatient Drug Program modality at The PAC Program drug rehab in NYC 2

Group Therapy

PAC’s group therapy schedule is flexible.

Our treatment network provides day and early evening outpatient addiction programming so that you can attend without further disruption to your responsibilities at home, school, and work.

Group therapy incorporates the Stages of Change model and acknowledges difficulties inherent in coping with addictive behaviors while promoting positive lifestyle change.


Relapse prevention and relapse recidivism outpatient Drug Program modality at The PAC Program drug rehab in NYC 2

Relapse Prevention and Recidivism

PAC’s relapse prevention and relapse recidivism incorporate cognitive behavioral therapy in treating alcohol and drug abuse while addressing criminal behavior.

This approach helps you address both of these behaviors simultaneously in three phases of treatment.

If you are mandated to attend outpatient addiction treatment by the courts, probation or parole the PAC program advocates for you while engaged and attending treatment.

Specialized Services at The PAC Program Outpatient Addiction Treatment in New York City

The PAC Programs specialized services include: Dual Diagnosis MICA, DUI Screening, Assessment, & DUI Program, Personalized substance abuse treatment joined with: Anger Management, Domestic Violence/Batterer’s Intervention Program (BIP), Parenting, Marijuana/K2 Cessation, Medicated Assisted Treatment, & Nicotine Cessation.

Outpatient Drug Program: Intake, Admission, and Treatment Process

A small droplet of water causes ripples and waves it changes the course of action just like the PAC Program's outpatient drug program

Intake and Assessment

Our outpatient drug program treatment services begin with a comprehensive biological-psychological and sociological assessment (Comprehensive Biopsychosocial) of your life to date. The data collected is used as a guide, so our clinical team can assist you in creating a personal  plan and individual treatment needs. During the initial phase, you’ll also have a medical and psychiatric evaluation.

If determined applicable to your specific recovery needs and requested by you, The PAC Program’s clinical team has the ability to administer Medicated Assisted Treatment (MAT). MAT can aid in removing the barrier of cravings for alcohol, physical discomfort, and the psychological urges to crave alcohol and/or opiates, such as heroin, Oxycontin, Percocet and other narcotic prescription pills.

Immediately following your 3rd and final Intake you’ll meet with your Primary Clinician for an initial session to help you

  • Acclimate to the program
  • Address questions about the program
  • Reduce fears of outpatient drug rehab
  • Explain your treatment and Group Therapy
  • Develop and create your individualized treatment plan
2 A small droplet of water causes ripples and waves it changes the course of action just like the PAC Program's outpatient drug program
3 A small droplet of water causes ripples and waves it changes the course of action just like the PAC Program's outpatient drug program
While at The PAC Program your personalized treatment planning will be in a constant stage of change based on your needs and strengths. How quickly you move through these stages depends on how well you apply new coping strategies to overcome your obsession to use. Your case is managed and monitored by you, your primary clinician, and our clinical team.

Stages of Change model of treatment is designed to assist (mild, moderate, and severe) alcohol and other substance use disorders.

Outpatient substance abuse treatment at PAC is structured. You’ll have 1 or more weekly sessions with your primary counselors, group therapy, intensive outpatient services (needs based), family therapy (when needed) and other referral services.

Our referral network is extensive and aimed to assist you in connecting with others. Some examples of referrals for outside assistance include, but are not limited too:

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