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Group therapy at The PAC Program offers you a safe and comfortable environment to learn how to develop skills needed to reclaim Power and Control in your life. Our clinicians will provide you with tools, coping strategies, and new insight or suggestions to discuss with your peers. The group process plays a vital role in helping you learn to rebuild interpersonal relationships with your family, spouse, and colleagues. The groups you’ll attend are small, structured, and meet weekly. Our experience and long-term success have helped us to develop our group therapy process to

  • Fit your individual needs Interact with your peers
  • Develop skills to resolve conflict assertively
  • Discuss issues concerning your addiction
  • Dispute irrational thoughts and behaviors
  • Benefit from the social interactions of group therapy settings

Group Therapy Themes

Group Therapy at The PAC Program Drug Rehab in NYC
Group Therapy at The PAC Program Outpatient drug PG in NYC
Group Therapy at The PAC Program Outpatient Drug Rehab in NYC

Anger Management

OASAS or Educational Life Skills Training

Purpose: To educate the client on the many ways anger may be expressed and to help the client develop positive coping skills to deal with and mange your anger. To identify the roles has served them. To recognize the connection between alcohol and other drug usage and their expression of anger.

Batterer's Intervention Programming

OASAS or Educational Life Skills Training

Purpose: To create a framework for understanding battering. To gain a deeper knowledge of the dynamics of violence and the impact of their violence. To increase the participants’ willingness to change and explore their actions interests and beliefs.



Purpose: To educate parents on techniques to improve, strengthen and maintain a positive emotional relationship with their children. To encourage parent’s involvement in their children’s behavior, wellness and education at home in school and the community.

Early Recovery Group Therapy

Purpose: To help those in recovery with their ongoing recovery program. To enhance the recovery process in a group setting. It allows the person in recovery to examine the impact his/her addiction has had on his/her life. It also gives them the opportunity to explore the importance of getting his/her needs met in recovery and to develop healthy relationships. It allows individuals to assess any past history of using after prolonged sobriety, and last but not least, how the individual can become responsible and accountable for their recovery process.

Relapse Prevention Group Therapy

Purpose: To help those in recovery understand the lifestyle factors, urges and cravings can contribute to relapse. Specific interventions include identifying specific high-risk situations for each client and enhancing the client’s skills from coping with those situations, increasing the client’s self-efficacy, eliminating myths regarding alcohol effects, managing lapses, and restructuring the client’s perceptions of the relapse process.

Drug & Alcohol Education Group Therapy

Purpose: To teach and give knowledge about the effects of drug addiction. Identifying the medical consequences of using drug and alcohol, how the drugs/alcohol impact individuals socially, physically, and psychologically. To identify the symptoms of substance and alcohol abuse and dependence.

Marijuana Cessation Group Therapy

Purpose: To explore marijuana-related problems, identify realistic goals, and initiate change strategies. This process establishes trust and showing an accurate reflection of the clients concerns. Recovery from Marijuana requires making new choices involving healthier lifestyle patterns. This group addresses three main concerns:

1) Is it possible to be dependent on marijuana?

2) Do I want to stop using because of what I’ve experienced

3) Can I succeed in stopping, given the challenges I’ve faced in the past?

Relapse Recidivism Group Therapy

Purpose: To help those in recovery understand how drugs and alcohol and criminal conduct have much in common with each other. It is also helpful to learn basic skills and ways to spot the thoughts and actions that will lead to substance abuse and crime and to develop the skills to change destructive patterns of thought and behavior.

Dual Diagnosis ~ MICA Group Therapy

Purpose: For clients to understand duel diagnosis between Mental Illness and Chemical Dependency. By looking through the eyes of Biological, Psychological and Environment factors, client will have clarity of personal challenges from MICA curriculum. The building of support systems that includes coping skills enhances growth and provides a body of new knowledge that moves clients towards recovery.

DUI Group Therapy

Purpose: To educate clients on the harm of drinking and driving.  To help build knowledge around the rules, laws, and regulations of drinking and driving.

Gender-Specific & LGBT Groups

All groups can be tailored to fit your individual needs while offering a safe environment to openly discuss issues, behaviors, negative or irrational self-talk and doubt relating to gender, sexual identity, and preference.

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All groups cover a range of topics related to chemical dependency, substance abuse treatment,

and behavioral changes such as:

  • Introduction to the stages of change and how-to identify your current stage of change
  • Identify your personal triggers and dangerous situations which cause the obsession to use
  • How to manage stress and counter-conditioning to your personal identified stressors
  • Recognizing and rewarding your personal success and victories and manage with positive reinforcement
  • Effective communication
  • Time management
  • Learn to refuse substance use, unhealthy behaviors, invitations to engage in unhealthy behaviors
  • Learn to accept and manage positive, constructive, and harmful criticisms
  • Learn how to manage and disrupt the trigger, thought, craving, use pattern.
  • Develop and identify new ways of enjoying life in recovery
  • Establish an action plan for change and maintenance
  • Recommitting to your relapse prevention plan after a lapse or slip
  • Understand the need for sober support and a positive peer network
  • Identify your needs, wants, desires and the resources of sobriety and other healthy lifestyles
  • Understand how and why gratitude and forgiveness is powerful in recovery
  • Reinforce that recovery is a life-long process of change
  • Learn how to take advantage of our referral network to your advantage
  • Create new connections in the community to guide you towards the happiness awaiting you in recovery

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