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Relapse prevention is a process. A system to help you sustain long-term recovery.  Your recovery is individual to you meaning you will develop a plan that will help you aid in your sobriety. The PAC Program will help you develop a plan to follow to prevent relapse.

When you first started to use alcohol and other drugs you most likely maintain a semblance of a functional life. As your addiction progressed, you might have turned to criminal behavior to support your addiction.

Our program is designed to address the correlation between Alcohol and drug abuse and criminal conduct. Our outpatient program addresses both of these elements to help you change those unwanted behaviors that cause grief, doubt, and shame.

We use the cognitive-behavioral model to help you understand that change is possible and probably with the help of peers, a sober network, and a plan. New connections in recovery are essential to your success.

Our relapse prevention and recidivism plans for your treatment occur in 3-phases.



  • A challenge to change-introduction and overview.
  • Building trust and rapport
  • Building a desire and motivation to change
  • Developing the knowledge base to change
  • Self-disclosure and receiving feedback; pathways to self-awareness and change
  • Preventing relapse and recidivism; identifying high-risk situations
  • How do people change; understanding the process of self-improvement and change



  • Commitment to change
  • Developing a commitment to change
  • In-depth assessment; looking at the areas of need and change; acting on the commitment to change.



  • Taking ownership
  • Relapse and recidivism prevention; review and strategies for self-control and lifestyles balance
  • Strengthening our ownership of change; developing skills of critical reasoning and settling conflicts
  • Maintaining self-improvement and change developing a healthy lifestyle or manner of living.

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